About Us

Submitx.com has been officially online since 2000 making it one of the oldest free search engine submission and SEO service on the internet. The original service was first launched in 1998 by the founder of Dennehy Enterprises under the brand "QuickSubmit", which was an in-house service of Pronet Global Business Directory.

The best online search engine submission service

We do our best to make sure all the search engine and directories in our submission list or live and active. Directories come and go almost daily on the internet which is why our directory list fluxates every month. Most online submission services have outdated dead lists so you are wasting your time using their services. At SubmitX we monitor all the search engines and directories every month to make sure they are fresh and still online. We are the ONLY free online url submission service that targets your url submission to global, regional and category directories. This is critical and what makes Submitx.com better than any other free online submission program.

History of search engine submission

In the beginnings of the Internet, as more and more directories came online, it become increasingly time consuming for people to go to each and every directory and manually submit their url to be added to those directories....much less find all the directories. In turn, the directory owners, wanted to receive url submissions so that they could provide larger and larger databases for the public to search. Makes sense right? The resulting solution was an online service where you, the website owner, input your information in one location and we, the search engine submission service, submit your information for registration with multiple search engines and directories for you all at once.

What makes Submitx.com better

Our submission list is live, active and checked regularly. Our software targets your website content to relevant directories based on your country and category so as to maximize quality link backs. You don't get anything fancy, just fast real url submission and website promotion.